السبت 22 يونيو 2024

Breathe Right For Better Horse Riding

موقع أيام نيوز

We breathe more than 20000 times a day. Most of the time we dont give it much thought since we do it automatically and all seems to go well except when it doesnt. 
Except when your breathing rate changes as a result of fear or stress.
Except when your horse starts to experience a very different version of you that begins to set off his fightorflight instinct. 
Except when your ride becomes a mess and youre at a loss as to how to calm down and get back on track.
At times like these you might start to think about your breathing. And thats a good thing because as much as breathing is an automatic process we are also able to exert control over our breathing and doing so can be very useful in sport and in life.
Why should you become an expert breather?
You will have more stamina. In the sporting world energy is the gas that drives all performances. Unfortunately stress and excess tension can zap a rider of this muchneeded resource.  Have you ever noticed how tiring it is to be nervous and anxious? Thats because when in this high state of alert your body uses a lot of energy. All of your resources go toward dealing with the stressor and your performance comes second. If you reset your breathing a few wonderful things will happen. You will replenish your oxygen stores and you will be telling your brain that things are under control you can handle this. Your mind will settle and clear making it easier for you to make decisions. Your body will regain its power thereby improving your riding potential.

Your body is one big riding aid. If your body becomes impacted by stress it will change how you communicate with your teammate and these changes are usually not positive. When your stress response kicks in it means more rapid breathing and increased muscle tension. Your thinking can become frenzied and distorted. Your horse being a seasoned prey animal will surely notice this transformation in you and wonder whats up. Now youre both nervous.
Learning to breathe correctly and invoking a relaxation response are powerful tools in regulating stress and intensity levels.  Being able to effectively calm yourself means sending a message of calm to your horse. When you reverse out of the fightorflight alarm you regain control over your muscles and your aids. The purpose of your ride