السبت 22 يونيو 2024

How to Make Horse Shows Fun Again

موقع أيام نيوز

There may come a time in your riding career when you find yourself saying Why do I put myself through this? Why do I show? It usually arises when youre under considerable stress or after a cycle of disappointment. It can happen for many reasons and when it does its time to put the joy back into competing with your horse. 
1  See Competition as Cooperation
Competition can make you very selfcentered if you let it. Your thoughts can become consumed with the need to win and therefore others need to lose. Enjoyment goes out the window and a talented rider can end up walking away from something she loves.
One way to look at competition is as a cooperative act. You and others agree on rules and codes of conduct in order to compete together. These do not have to be opposing concepts. Much fun can come from focusing on others. How can you give back to fellow riders at the shows you frequent? How can you support others? Getting out of your head and into someone elses needs can be motivating. 

2  Redefine Success
Everyone needs to experience success in order to feel motivated. Without a ribbon in hand many riders dont feel successful. They are sometimes referred to as perfectionists who kill their own motivation. Whatever we do in life we need to feel as though we are making progress and having an effect. So if the fun has gone out of competing adjust your measuring stick. Measure for effort for risk taking for horsemanship for skill development. Success comes in many forms so dont limit yourself to just one.
Why did you decide to ride and compete in the first place? As a young rider what did you celebrate about horses? Chances are you felt very privileged to be around