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Dogs and Horses - Man’s Best Friends

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What is it that makes the vast majority of horse people love dogs? Dogs indeed possess some of the same admirable traits as horses and complement the lifestyle of a horse person very well.
Looking back in history both species have a long history of service to mankind in times of peace and war. As true unsung heroes more than a million dogs and eight million horses died on both sides of World War I alone. Today both horses and dogs are still employed in military service in countries around the world. They are also working partners on farms in police units and as therapy animals and can be found in homes and hearts everywhere. There is no end to the partnerships we can form with these brave loyal animals. And with a little effort and patience on our part we can ensure that our fourlegged friends get along with each other too.

There are many dog breeds commonly associated with the equine world such as the Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier but just about any dog can be trained to be safe around horses. Regardless of the breed it takes time and effort to create a good barn dog and its important to do your research before selecting a breed. If you already have a dog knowing about its breed history and characteristics can help you to better understand him and his behaviour. The following is a selection of dog breed types and specific breeds that typically do well with horses.
Herding Breeds
The herding breeds are made up of sheep and cattle dogs traditionally used to round up flocks and herds. These dogs are extremely intelligent with high energy levels and are widely popular among horse owners. While many companion herding dogs have never seen an actual sheep or cow their herding instinct can be very strong and therefore will need to be monitored and theyll need training to ensure that they dont herd children small animals or horses. With the right kind of training and care any dog from a herding breed can be an excellent addition to active homes and barns. 
The Australian Cattle Dog is a hardy dog weighing in around 30 to 50 pounds and can make a great trail companion. Meant to be a drover moving livestock over long distances they are extremely intelligent and energetic. These dogs thrive on having a job to do and