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How to Walk a Jump Course

موقع أيام نيوز

Preparation is the key to success in every sport. One of the best ways to prepare to jump your course at a horse show is by walking it first.
Whether you are competing in the jumper ring or on a crosscountry course getting a closer look at the course you are about to tackle is essential to the successful planning and execution of your ride. Its not typical to walk a hunter course except for the more complicated tracks for derbies or handy hunter classes. Depending on the horse show and schedule make sure you have ample time to walk the course. Some people walk it multiple times but that depends on personal preference and available time. Typically show organizers will open the field for a set time before the class starts. Walking with your coach is ideal allowing you to ask questions and come up with a game plan together. If your coach isnt available walk with an experienced friend who can give you a second perspective and even better if that friend is familiar with you and your horse

Learn the Course
Start by taking pictures of the posted course or courses with your cell phone. They photos will help you find your way around while walking and assist in memorizing the course before the class without having to run back to where the courses are posted. If you struggle to commit to memory a complicated jumper course and jumpoff repetition is vital go over the course again and again until its locked in your memory. Walking it multiple times is also helpful along with visualizing yourself riding it not only will this help with memorization visualization is also a powerful tool to reduce performance anxiety and build confidence. 
A good course designer will include a few challenges appropriate for the height and level of each class. Walking the course gives you the opportunity to figure out how to navigate those challenges and how to answer the questions the designer asks of you and your horse. Whether the course calls for starting at a jump going away from the outgate navigating a complicated track or riding two related fences set on a halfstride option walking the course allows you to prepare for those challenges. If there is a particularly spooky jump or spot in the ring you might plan to show it to your horse if time allows once you enter