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Retraining a racehorse

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Retraining a racehorse
Retraining a racehorse finding the right horse and getting him home
Retraining a racehorse to become a leisure or competition horse can be very rewarding and enjoyable. Here are some tips and pointers to consider to help you choose the right horse and introduce him or her to their new life as smoothly as possible.
Life as a racehorse
The first thing to consider is how life has been as a racehorse and how this might impact him or her in their new life.
Racehorses generally have a very structured day with set times for feed exercise and down time. They are almost always exercised first thing in the morning so dont be surprised if your new arrival is wide awake and raring to go when you arrive at the stables! They may or may not have had daily turnout depending on the type of yard they were on and they will always have lived with plenty of equine company around them including when exercised.

When they arrive at a new home life can seem very different to them. With careful consideration and some simple planning however there is no reason why most racehorses cant make a successful career change.
Choosing the right partner
Having decided to embark on this journey with a racehorse step one is check that you have the necessary skills time and support. If you havent retrained a horse before check you have a trainer or suitably experienced advisor to help and guide you. Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses and then try to find a horse suitable for you. A flat racehorse is likely to be smaller and often younger than a national hunt horse who may be older and wiser but will still need time to adjust. At this point it is a good idea to speak with the racehorse trainer and grooms about your potential partners personality and temperament they are used to dealing with him daily and will know him well.
If you are using a rehoming centre you can discuss what you are looking for and they may have a choice of horses available. For the less experienced this can be a better option than direct from a trainer as they will offer advice and will have begun the retraining process.
It is also a good idea to have in mind your future plans for your new horse a potential dressage